Get an efficient management of the supply chain. You can use the sales and purchase documents  to manage every moment of the relationship with customer/supplier, from the start of negotiations to invoicing. With Mago4 you're able to manually input each single document or automatically generate them following the normal flow. From the offer all the way to the invoicing, should it be active or passive, Mago4 is the number one solution.

Sale Order

Thanks to Sale Orders module you can manage customer relations and relations with contacts  by sending quotations and inputting orders. The module allows you to issue the quotations in a different currency from the base currency of the company. You can manually insert the Sale Order or generate it by loading a Customer quotation. When the order is inserted Mago4 reserves the inventory quantity, controls the available quantities and indicates an expected delivery date. The price and discount management in Mago4 makes defining price application policies very flexible, so you can manage several prices lists, and a personalised prices and discounts policies. Furthermore, you can include documents importing text files containing item codes or barcodes, and you have analyses, statistics and reports relative to the orders.


Manage the active cycle so it is easier to monitor the procedure of each single order. In particular, with Sales module you can manage the issue of Delivery Notes, Invoices, Credit Notes, Receipts etc., integrating currency management and payment schedules. Mago4 helps you to manage all the operations connected to product sales: you can register the most common sales documents, automatically manage Tax Journals and Stub Book, define price and discount application policies in a very flexible way. You can also act on the calculation and management of shipping and packaging costs, and insert documents importing text files containing item codes or barcodes. Thanks to Mago4 you manage the Withholding Tax and Professionals Fund, create immediate and accompanying invoices and you have data analyses, statistics and reports. You also manage all the electronic invoicing process towards Public Administration: from data input to transmission and verification of all the steps, until electronic archiving.


With Mago4 Conai module you can set the parameters to automatically calculate the contribution and then generate the sales invoices including the deduction for the Conai Environmental Contribution.
Whatever your business reality, the module is so flexible that it suits for any possible verifiable case. You can manage differentiated contributions according to type of packaging and set the exemption from contribution for customers entitled to this, and also print out the data needed to draw up the packaging manufacturers' declaration to sent to CONAI. Thanks to its  various lists Mago4 helps you to fill in the periodic declaration to present to the CONAI and also to draw up the Declaration relative to transfers exempt from Environmental Contribution.


Even if you are subject to specific regulations, Mago4 can specifically meet your needs. The software makes all the WEEE calculations for the disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment. You can use the WEEE module  to set the amount of the contribution for the various categories of items, so you can automatically charge this in the sales invoices, generating the WEEE entries. Various lists relative to the WEEE entries generated are available so as to control the contribution calculated in a given period. You can also generate the entries used in the various reports so as to keep constant control of the total amount of contributions received.

Sales Force Management

Thanks to Sales Force Management module of ERP software Mago4 you can code Salespeople, Commission policies and calculate commissions. You have at your disposal numerous methods of calculating commissions, various types of accrual and the management of commissions also from outstanding bills. Furthermore, you can properly handle every aspect of agent management, calculating commissions on documents and fulfilling all required formalities. You can make use of two separate masters data: Salespeople and commissions policies, that summarize the personal details and the contractual information, useful for calculation. Given Mago4 strong flexibility, you are able to manage two salespeoples on each single document or one salespeople and one area manager. You find the commissions calculation on all the documents of the active cycle beginning from the sale order, while the salespeople entries summarize sales document and commission data. A series of printouts provides precise, complete information relative to salespeoples, turnover, commissions, statistics.

Credit Limit Mangement

A Credit Limit management, in line with your company expectations, requires several types of controlling operations in the sales flow and different actions according to the different types of document. Thanks to Mago4 Credit Limit Management module, you have available several functions for a wide and on-time management of the credit limit granted to your customers. Four check criteria for the credit limit allow you to keep under control your customers' reliability from the moment in which you receive the order, considering their total exposure in your regards. For each type of check you can specify the action to be carried out. You are always aware of the customer exposition, starting from several points of the program; a window shows you in a summarized, but complete, manner the customer status. Thanks to a "traffic light" you can know which parameters have been overrun and to which you have to pay close attention.

Purchase Order

Thanks to Purchase Order module you  can set costs optimisation policies and considerably reduce the volume of your inventory assets. You can totally control your company’s purchases: you manage suppliers and prospective suppliers, register quotations, transform them into orders, automatically generate purchase orders to guarantee deliveries to customers, analyse the future trend of the inventory stocks. The definition of price application policies is very flexible, because you are able to define a personalised prices and discounts policies, assigning priorities to the different values. The Generate purchase orders from Reserved/Shortage procedure allows you to automatically reorder inventory goods from suppliers when there is not enough to cover the needs. Mago4 provides you a considerable variety of lists to analyse, control and verify all the aspects of Orders management; furthermore you have the possibility to introduce documents just importing text files containing item codes or barcodes.


With Mago4 Purchases, you manage and control incoming goods and relative purchase invoices.
In particular, you can manage the issue of all purchase documents, including bills of lading, invoices, credit notes received and enables conformity control of the goods received according to what was requeste, and you can also manage Stub Book and Tax Journals. The pricing and discount management in Mago4 makes defining price application policies very flexible, allowing you to apply personalized prices and manage Additional Charges, with which it is possible to split additional costs regarding the execution of the contract. Data entry is optimized in all its aspects, and you can register all purchase documents, insert documents by importing text files containing item codes or barcodes, as well as analyse, control and verify all the aspects of purchases management through a considerable variety of lists. Mago4 Purchases module integrates with Purchase Orders, Inventory and Financials.

Quality Inspection

With the Quality Inspection feature of Mago4 ERP software you can quickly and simply register the inspection operations carried out on goods purchased, and detect any nonconformities. In this way you  are able to establish product and supplier quality. When on the Bill of Lading the item is stated subject to test and inspection, the Quality Inspection permits to automatically generate the Inspection Order. Furthermore, the full integration with the Purchases module means you just have to indicate on the Bill of Lading that this item is subject to test and inspection to automatically generate the Inspection Order. The Inspection Note can be used to process one or more Inspection Orders as long as they are for the same supplier, so you  can use the Inspection Note to indicate if goods are Conforming, Srap or To return to supplier. Depending on the result of the test and inspection, Mago4 generates your inventory entries to load the goods in the approriate storage or a Return to Supplier document.

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