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Mago4 manages Descriptions in Language more and more easily!

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Over time, geographical limitations fade, distances become shorter and more and companies find themselves operating in a multinational market where different cultures, habits, customs and languages intertwine and merge.

For companies, all this translates into multiple possibilities of expansion outside national borders and in the possibility to have customers and business opportunities also in foreign countries.

The most widely used language in international business is definitely English, but it is often useful and professional to have the opportunity to send invoices in the same language as the client.

Let's take a typical situation: the description of items. One of the main uses of the descriptions of items inserted in multiple languages can be found in the documents: for example when you want to create a quote for a Spanish client, the descriptions should be in Spanish, if possible.

Mago4 has always offered the possibility of managing the most frequently used fields in different languages; from today all this is even simpler, fast and intuitive. In fact now, with the improvement released in Mago4 2.4 SP2, the fields that provide the possibility to have a description in language are many more than before; moreover the relative management is even more user-friendly.

With the new Mago4 SP you can now enter the descriptions in language via a dedicated button located alongside of the field taken into account, making the operation easier and intuitive to the user. In fact, insertion can also be performed for multiple fields within the same data entry, without the need to create specific tables and implement separate managements.

Even for those who usually customize their reports (price lists, documents, etc.) everything is simplified, since the architecture of the functionality has also been revised: the different descriptions in language are no longer saved in a specific table for each data entry, but in a single table.

Switching to the new management (for those coming from previous versions of Mago4 / ) is extremely simple: a quick and intelligent data migration procedure takes care of populating the new table with the descriptions previously entered and a detailed and simple documentation helps to immediately understand how much easier it is to use the new management of Descriptions in Language.

You can learn more by consulting the Mago4 2.4.2 release note, where you will also find the documentation to update customized reports. If your MLU is active, the download of Mago4 2.4 SP2, which contains this and other improvements, is free. For installation and to know how to stay updated by subscribing to the Live Update service, the advice is to contact your reference reseller.