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The Mago4 Manufacturing area offers several opportunities to work with planning features that allow the management of different analysis sets: today, one more than yesterday.

By Daniele Salvatore - Edited by Marketing Department

As you know, Mago4 has always managed an articulated and dynamic planning of manufacturing.

Whether you need to manage complex schedules, articulated through policies that maximize the amount of any production lots, rather than you need discrete aggregates over time, or that you should handle individual orders, Mago4 has the right solution. Your ERP, in fact, always allows you to keep track of every detail in terms of direct and induced movement of the materials and semi-finished products involved, proposing outsourced suppliers or planning internal production proposals.

In this way, you have everything under control and an overview of the choices and options that help you run faster schedules in order to manage simulations of possible scenarios to be met; you can rely on automatic orders, checked and proposed according to the needs arising from customer orders, production plans, sales forecasts or special stock levels and punctually set reorder points for each desired item in inventory.

In short, the manufacturing management in Mago4 does not impose any limitations and constraints: today you have a further enhanced flexibility in relation to the management of reordering point, that becomes "punctual".

Maybe you do not know, in fact, that you can choose to organize your needs and meet them according to a pre-determined amount that you can decide to be reached on a given date.

This is no longer a step-by-step integration of inventories when under stock or as a result of specific customers' inquiries: we are talking about a genuine material reallocation across the warehouse that operates extensively at a precise date, and only if necessary.

That's one of the plus of Mago4 Manufacturing: great quality of planning at 360 degrees, with multiple simulations of complex and articulated scenarios on the whole of your warehouse.

You can find out more about Mago4's Manufacturing features designed for planning by consulting the dedicated website page, or contacting your reseller for more information. If you want, you can also fill in the information request form: you will be contacted back as soon as possible.