Zucchetti Store

On zucchettistore.it you can now buy online services such as temporal mark, digital signature and certified e-mail.

Edited by Marketing Department

Since October, 2016, Zucchetti, an authorized recording organization and Certification Authority approved by the Agency for Italy's Digitalization (AgID), allows you to get online the fiduciary services, directly from Zucchetti's ecommerce site. By accessing the marketplace www.zucchettistore.it - the digital platform dedicated to 'consumer' target - you can buy digital signature, temporal mark and certified electronic mail (italian PEC).

The opportunity to purchase these services on the dedicated marketplace comes after the same company has been recognized by AGID as trusted Certification Authority: Zucchetti fiduciary services are now available 'on demand' for all users that require a digital signature and temporal mark, just for personal documents, making the process as simple and fast possible.

Companies and professional firms that require a complete electronic management of documents and their digital preservation, or have more complex needs such as 'massive' functions, and the functionalities integrated in Zucchetti applications processes (massive certified e-mail, automatic digital signature etc.), can refer to Zucchetti and partners in traditional ways. Zucchettistore.it, however, will not be limited to the current offering, because the goal is to more and more increase the range of solutions available on the digital store, to meet the needs of the "consumer" market and sustain the traditional channel with a new sales model.