10 good reasons to migrate to Mago4

An ERP solution that encourages your growth, even abroad.

Edited by Marketing Department

Does your business look ahead? If the answer is yes, then you will find that Mago4 offers all the technology to evolve. Mago4 is the ERP solution that supports and fosters your business goals; it is a real engine for the development of the company.

Mago4 easily adapts to new processes and business lines, and it is able to scale to meet new requirements as they arise, without sacrificing performance or impact on your initial IT investment.

If your business is aiming to expand on international markets, Mago4 is really the solution for you! Mago.net is already an international ERP, but with Mago4 its foundations have been intensively strengthened, to accommodate the highly international vocation of your ERP and allow companies to open themselves to any foreign localization.

With Mago4, natively designed for internationalization, you are on the international market thanks to the strong and strategic localized support both at functional and linguistic level, as well as on the regulatory, fiscal and currency field. For instance, you will find that all documents for foreign countries can be printed in the target language; if the specific language is not included in Mago4, the default language will still be English.

Mago4 is the right way to grow your business, in every sector and in every country.

There are still many good reasons to move to Mago4! Please continue reading our blog in order to find them all!