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An ERP technology that changes the way you work and communicate.

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The opportunity to use technology to interact at any time and location is transforming work and communication. This is why we reviewed and enhanced all cooperation arrangements in Mago.net. Mago4 radically changes the way you work and grow your business, thanks to the ability to operate exactly the way you want: on the web, through a portal or a desktop computer.

In this sense, a major news in Mago4 is the scratch introduction of Mago4Web platform, which further extends the potential of your ERP and expand your business, because it is able to follow you everywhere and make you productive anywhere you are…. you just need an Internet connection: Mago4 is web native.

With Mago4 people can communicate and collaborate using tools and channels like messaging, email, instant sharing. Not only: the responsive features of Mago4 interface provide all the elasticity you need. The organization in tiles offers you a flexible instrument adaptable to any form factor, to allow you to work with the mobile devices you prefer.

Mago4 is multi-device and multi-platform.

There are still many good reasons to move to Mago4: follow this blog to find them all.