10 reasons to migrate - 3

An improved fruition thanks to Mago4: working more smartly means working better.

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Mago4 is the ERP solution that offers you even more lighter and customized tools than you're used to with Mago.net. The interface structure is designed to provide you with new ways to make use of the information, facilitate data entry and simplify navigation through the different functions.

More data and more available, and less tables: here is the big difference you'll notice when switching from Mago.net to Mago4.

In Mago.net the structure of the information was rational and intelligent, but you discover now that Mago4 is able to further enhance your user experience. The new logical ordering of content, revised according to a deep rationalization for similar fields, allowed to organize information using small panels, graphically represented as tiles.

The tiles are associated with different sets of information, which are always available on the screen (with no need to access the full screen). Graphically, the tiles are very attractive and make the user experience very enjoyable: through the tiles you can easily and fully access to the information, because you have panels easily navigable, manageable and responsive, that you can expand or collapse as needed. Furthermore with Mago4 you can customize the look of your ERP as you like, thanks to the different themes and fonts; the search function is boosted compared to that of Mago.net and menu functions now include not only the favorite items, but also the recent ones.

Another great benefit that Mago4 provides you, when compared to the past, is the complete overhaul of the graphics folder navigation, which is now always accessible from any point in the program, for any functionality. For example, in logistics area now you have the preview of the required document, parallel to the involved object. In this way, all the information that you manage with Mago.net are now even more accessible.

The general reorganization of the information in Mago4 follows a particularly valuable criterion: that of providing the user a single data structure, able to provide information to the maximum level of detail, optimizing all activities. Imagine, for example, to work in the warehouse: thanks to the new structure of Mago4, and differently from Mago.net, you can handle the commitment of the lot, reserving a specific lot in the warehouse; via the graphical navigation you can interrogate the quantities at individual levels of lot, variant, inventory. Furthermore, having access to a single source of data means a considerable improvement in performance, also on the production side.

With Mago4, usability is to the nth degree.

If you want to discover the other plus of the migration from Mago.net to Mago4, you just have to follow the next posts of Mago4 blog!!