Environmental Parameters

ZAIR is the new Zucchetti Facility solution for the measurement and analysis of environmental parameters.

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The offer by Zucchetti Facility, a Zucchetti Group company specialized in the development and supply of solutions for energy efficiency and business asset management, is enriched by ZAir, a new system for measuring, analyzing and monitoring environmental parameters.

The software is designed for any workplace (offices, production areas, warehouses, schools, health facilities, etc.): ZAir collects, analyzes and monitors a wide range of environmental parameters - such as air quality (with harmful gas and agents concentration measurement, like radon and airborne particulate), temperature, humidity, water quality, brightness, electromagnetic fields and radiation - to allow you define working environment conditions, including statutory mandatory parameters, depending on people's presence and the protection of their health and safety.

ZAIR helps you to comply with legislation on the protection of workers' health and safety: Italy Legislative Decree 81/2008 classifies the microclimate of the working environment among the physical agents that must be included in the risk assessment.

For the collection and measurement of data, Zair uses installed hardware devices, able to transmit real-time information relating to the environmental parameters to the central software. In this way, Zair monitors up to 26 different parameters and is able to report danger situations with alert systems. In addition, you have customizable reports and statistics to understand any critical issues and take the right actions. The native app allows you to exploit on smartphones and tablets all the potential of the solution. You can also interface ZAir with patented hardware tools that can easily monitor a large number of environmental parameters by sending data to the software via WiFi.

The software then integrates with specific Zucchetti solutions aimed at access control, security and personnel management, enabling you to have a complete tool to manage your work safety.

You can find more details, including the brochure and promotional video on Zucchetti portal.


Reduce risks thanks to an ERP solution that protects your safety.

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The ERP system is the heart of the operation and activities of the company. Mago4 is an extremely open and integrated system, where the traditional solutions for data security, already present in Mago.net, have been strengthened.

Mago4 comes ready to handle the increasing number of points of access to business systems outside of traditional IT security perimeter, thanks to Security services with increasing safety levels.

By combining tasks to key roles within the company, the Mago4 interface is tailor-made based on the individual role, and this happens right from the home page.

So you have available a personalized operational tool according to individual preferences and different working styles, along with continuous monitoring regarding access to the most sensible data.

And you can manage your business with confidence.

With this post we arrived at the end of episodes dedicated to the top 10 reasons to switch from Mago.net to Mago4: find them all posted on this blog. If you also want to have an overview, in the Documentation section of this site you can find a brochure that summarizes all the points discussed on the blog. Download it now!

Remember: these are only 10 good reasons to move to the new Mago4 ERP ... there are many more just waiting to be experienced by you.


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