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The key tool for reporting today boasts a team entirely dedicated to it.

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Everyone knows the importance of an effective reporting system to improve business, a tool that is at once functional and user-friendly. Many will also know that Reporting Studio, the sophisticated reporting system already integrated with Mago4 and that is used by the applications developed with TaskBuilder Studio, meets all these requirements, equipping the company with an absolutely transversal report maker, able to answer any need in every business area.

On the contrary, there will be few people who know the existence of the newly-created Team Reporting Studio, dedicated to this powerful reporting tool.

The new team is currently composed of 6 people, including programmers and analysts, who are concerned with making the instrument grow and that have been chosen by the technical management to devote themselves to the development of the new  interface of Woorm (the historical report generator, prior to the birth of the Mago4 suite).

The team is growing, not only in numbers but also in relation to the individual knowledge and skills, aiming to make Reporting Studio the report maker par excellence, placing it amongst the competitors on the reference market.

In addition to the development of the tool, the team aims at a total and strategic proactivity, tending to a close collaboration with partners. Aimed at meeting needs, and not limited to an aseptic customer-supplier relationship, the partnership then exploits the classic channels provided to interact with partners: participation in the community, receiving proposals and suggestions, feedback and follow-up.

Focused on maintaining the current version and developing the second release of the product, the team Reporting Studio holds important plans for the future.

Our advice to learn more is just one: stay tuned!

16 November 2016


new websites

In addition to ERP Mago4, also the TBS development platform and TBF framework have now their own dedicated web sites, available in the international version.

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Find out all the information, news and materials related to Mago4 suite on the product websites recently published!

On you will discover all the tools to manage the ERP resources according to established procedures, solid and deeply secure, optimizing and rationalizing the processes and ERP applications, and you will also deepen more specific topics such as those related to TaskBuilder Framework technology. Discover all the features, functionality and benefits of TBF, the application base created to allow you to develop new projects.

But that's not all: even the website dedicated to TaskBuilder Studio is online. The platform designed to create flexible and robust ERP and Business applications is introduced on the website, explaining the benefits and giving a look to the architecture of the product. Of course it is not missing an insight on TBS platform capabilities, of which are declined both editions: TBS Personal and TBS Developer Edition.

Like, both sites follow criteria of essentiality, relying on a cool and clean graphic, with information clearly available and the possibility to request more information at your fingertips.

Consultation is intuitive and browsing is pleasant and relaxing, even via mobile: the responsive web design adapts the layout to the environment in which the site is displayed, allowing you to always have content and information within reach.

What are you waiting for? Explore all the websites of the product family of Mago4, discover its descriptions, advantages, features and technology!

Have good surfing on the websites dedicated to Mago4 suite.


Mago4 is an open ERP that fits your needs, with the power of a suite.

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Needs differ by industry sector, they enhance and specialize while your company grows. For your ERP this has never been a limit. It would seem impossible to "do better", yet Mago4 is able to go even further, offering you a series of independent components designed to create and host custom solutions for your business and accommodate the third-party solutions that best meet your needs.

Thanks to the concept of technological upgrade and suite of integrated products, Mago4 allows you to do even more, and better. Mago4, TaskBuilder Studio and TaskBuilder Framework are indeed able, together, to cover all needs of development and business. By implementing the components of Mago4 suites, you have the opportunity to work with external applications, to open up to new applications or integration projects.

In Mago4 all the technical resources are available on a single comprehensive application platform, which allows you to benefit from a comprehensive set of ERP applications, whether your Company has simple needs of management of notes and invoices, or should it address issues of production planning, with supreme requirements to audit the corporate strategic framework.

Mago4 is a modular, flexible and extensible software, able to scale in order to better suit the real needs of your company.

With Mago4 you can compose a really tailored solution and enable always new features to support the progress of your business.

Do you want to know more good reasons to shift to Mago4? Follow our blog and discover them all!

TaskBuilder Studio 1.0

On May 2nd will be released the Personal and the Developer Edition of TaskBuilder Studio 1.0, the development platform able to realize flexible and robust ERP and Business applications.

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From the beginning of May you will have at your disposal the advanced performance of TaskBuilder Studio programming environment, both in the Personal and in the Developer edition.

Whether you are a simple power - user, an IT consultant or a professional developer, with the two Edition of TaskBuilder Studio, you will be equipped with acollection of tools, the best suited to create vertical solutions integrated at Mago4, but also true stand-alone solutions. It is noteworthy that the ERP and Business applications developed with TaskBuilder Studio are able to work in symbiosis with Mago4 (with their own database tables, Business Objects, data entry dialogos, menus, reports and more), but the development platform also allows you to extend or modify the behavior of Mago4 ERP itself, without changing the source code. In addition, thanks to TaskBuilder Studio, you can use the Business Objects of Mago4 to perform actions planned by the application such as post an order or calculate the balance of an account.

TaskBuilder Studio is the platform Mago4 is built on, but it is not intended only to customize the ERP: it is a base specifically geared to develop ERP and Business solutions and applications. But which are the properties that make this possible?

First we must understand that TaskBuilder Studio does not have the limits of a proprietary platform, since it instead relies on standard programming languages and development environments (C ++, C #, JavaScript, for the Developer Edition the environment is MS Visual Studio). It is therefore possible to define TaskBuilder Studio as an open platform: thanks to "regular" languages and development environments, the developer is free to enhance the personalization by integrating other components.

Furthermore, TaskBuilder Studio abolishes any rigidity thanks to the Dynamic Application concept: the installed ERP solution consists of several independent applications that work together to perform the required actions.  Thanks to TaskBuilder Studio, the solutions provided by different manufacturers and aimed at different areas of the company coexist in the same installation and are dynamically loaded at the time of use. In turn, final applications are not monolithic, but consist of optional modules, just as with Mago4 applications.

Many of TaskBuilder Studio components are provided by its first release: Easy Studio, designed to intuitively manage the graphical and functional customization of an existing document or create a template from scratch, Reporting Studio, the sophisticated reporting system used by all the applications developed with TaskBuilder Studio, International Studio, the ultimate localization tool for all the implemented applications, Setup Studio, able to generate the installation packages of the solutions developed with TaskBuilder Studio, and TaskBuilder Library, the classes and components collection which any document definition is based on.

Choose the TaskBuilder Studio 1.0 Edition that best suits your needs by comparing in the table below the features of the Developer and Personal version.

  TaskBuilder Studio 1.0 functionalities in various Edition

  Personal Edition Developer Edition
Easy Studio * *
Reporting Studio * *
International Studio * *
Setup Studio * *
TaskBuilder Library   *


TaskBuilder Studio is the hub of Mago4's flexibility: it is the platform created to develop flexible and strong ERP and Business applications.

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Having analyzed the innovations of Mago4 in terms of interface, in this post we discover, beyond the technicalities, why Mago4 is modeled on your needs and ready to respond to all of your needs.

We speak of TaskBuilder Studio (for friends TBS), the component of the Mago4 suite able to make unique your own ERP Mago4 . You know how important it is the ability to develop customized applications: this is precisely what makes Mago4 able to adapt to your needs.

To meet the needs of customers or the market, the behavior of the standard features have often to be extended or modified. Thanks to TBS your reseller can develop the solutions that best fits your needs, targeted to the specific market sectors in which you are operating, or even applications designed to increase productivity in certain business areas.

TBS is the same development platform used to build Mago4, but it was not designed just for that: TBS allows developers to build vertical solutions integrated Mago4 or real stand-alone solutions. In this way different applications, provided by other manufacturers and addressed to various areas of the company, are placed in the same installation, and you have a coherent set of interfaces and behaviors, even if realized by third party manufacturers.

The developed applications are not rigid, but rather composed of modules that can be installed optionally, as it happens for the application modules of Mago4. Not only that: because TBS is an open platform (that uses standard languages and development environments), the developer is free to integrate other software components to enrich your customization, which is ready for the addition of third-party applications.

TaskBuilder Studio provides an extensive set of software components geared to ERP solutions: controls, forms, database management, radar, menus, reporting, setup, and so on. The integration with the framework (Task Builder Framework - TBF), which contains all the general instruments, such DMS, Security, Auditing, etc., allows you to interact with the application, using the Tools to navigate and search for data, manage rights of access to functions and data, track activities, etc.

All the orchestration between the components takes place using the Web Services, the communication interface used by the components of TaskBuilder Studio and the applications realized with it. The result? All functions and application components are accessible via Web services transparently. In addition, the TBS WebLook component allows you to have business applications that can operate in native mode on the web.

Another component of TBS is Reporting Studio, which is the tool that allows you to develop and put in your full disposal a sophisticated reporting system, send email reports in PDF format, rely on Google Maps and Skype links ... and much more. Furthermore, the applications built with TaskBuilder Studio are easy to localize, thanks to International Studio: the ultimate localization tool, capable of providing multicurrency, multilingual and multi-regulations support.

How do you install applications? It’s very simply: Setup Studio allows you to create installation packages in all similar to the distribution package of any Windows product, providing the reading at Run-Time, without the need for additional components to be installed.

Finally, thanks to TBS EasyStudio you can rely on the creation of real vertical for specific market sectors: the module easily and intuitively manages multiple needs within the personalization of Mago4.

There are many features of TBS that “cannot be seen", but that make the suite Mago4 an ERP solution complete and reliable, open and customizable. Here it is, at least in part unveiled, the heart of the operation and performance of Mago4 ERP.

Do you want to know more? If you are a user please ask your dealer, otherwise kindly leave your data and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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