Bills customization

Optimize your corporate image: the tools provided by the Mago4 development platform help you customize the reports.

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It often happens that even if you work very hard to add the details you want and pay attention to everything being correct in the invoice or a quote, looking at the final result, does the document look exactly like any invoice or offer from a competitor?

Have you ever considered the various opportunities that Mago4 offers to change the default template? Communicating the image of the company activity is important, so we have created a simple and intuitive tool to personalize documents so that they represent who you are as a company.

With Reporting Studio, the sophisticated customizing tool  of Mago4, you can reflect who you are in your invoices and offers to differentiate yourself from others. This is especially important if you want to highlight your brand. The way you present your invoices, in fact, represents you as a company. With Mago4 you can create your invoices even if you are not a graphic designer. You can take photos of your products or your office and add them to the document. In addition to adding images in the header, you can insert your logo to get more sophisticated graphics.

You can choose the colours you want by choosing the one that best suits your bill, or you can opt for a simple design with defined lines and an elegant character. You can create endless types of graphics to customize your invoice based on the period in which it will be sent (Christmas, Easter, etc.). Furthermore, if you print the invoice to envelope it, with Mago4 you can customize it so that the customer's address appears in the letter window and also allows printing or not of the header depending on whether or not you use letterhead.

In the next updates of Mago4 there will also be further news: it will be possible to report the code and the description of the Customer by Item in the sales printed documents, behind the setting of a specific parameter, and it will be possible to manage free notes to be printed if necessary. To know more about the functionalities, please get in touch with your reference reseller, or visit the Mago4 Help Center, where task guides are available.

Stay tuned!

report services at state of the art

A look at the job of the Reporting Studio Team, with a brief technical focus about the main features of the Report Service project.

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We have spoken in a previous post of the Reporting Studio team, when we suggested to stay tuned for more news. So, here we are now to present a new project, fully in line with the Digital Transformation and Digital Business guidelines.

Your ERP Mago and its development teams are always up to date; then the need for a complete set of prints and lists could not be overlooked. This is why Report Service was born: it is a web portal in which to run all your reports, that will be displayed in the most recent and widespread browsers, by single page application mode.

For those wishing to get a bit 'in the "technicalities", here are the main and innovative architectural features of the new Service Report:

  • Report Service is 100% backwards compatible on all existing reports. This means that all the reports made previously (both standard and custom) will be usable immediately, with no need to make changes.
  • Report Service guarantees 100% functional coverage: all the features of Reporting Studio are supported, under the sign of total usability
  • Report Service is also 100% integrable: it will be possible to use the reports developed with Reporting Studio, not only on Cloud, but in any web application
  • Report Service follows you 100%: it uses a technology that provide full support for interfacing with different databases
  • Report Service is 100% Cross-platform: the full operation on different operating systems is guaranteed

At the level of functionality, the new service is not far behind: through snapshots it will be possible to take actual photographs of the executed reports, including data. In addition, the reports will be even more significant, thanks to the two-dimensional charts that allow an even more immediate understanding of the company situation.

To learn more, continue following the Mago4 blog, where you can read all the news coming.

Good reasons to migrate to Mago4

Everything at your fingertips = everything under control. It is simple, is not it ?!

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In Mago4 data, information and objects are clearly visible and can be managed easily and quickly. Compared to, the menu items are greatly simplified, to help you keep everything under control.

Some examples can be seen in Administrative Area, where the rationalization of procedures results in significant benefits to the user both in terms of input speed and record control.

Compared to, also the reports are organized on video, to ensure control and immediacy.

Another new element introduced in Mago4 are the status - tiles, specially designed markers to keep an eye on procedures and documents in Supply Chain, Production and Accounting area. The tiles are status indicators graphically rendered as small progressive bars, that allow you to check at a glance situations like the progress of the articles to be produced, the issue and execution of orders, the management of credits, the status of documents, the events related to electronic invoicing, and more.

In Manufacturing area are now available specific reports and procedures for the material production, to know exactly where the material is located, both for external and internal workings. As for traceability, if in the article was originally available only in the area logistics and accounting, with Mago4 you can now trace it even starting from the production documents.

Advantages do not end there: the simplification carried out by shifting from to Mago4 is crucial not only to lighten operations, but also to have everything under control.

Find out on the blog all the very good reasons to migrate from to Mago4, the ERP specifically designed for you!


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