Mago4 SP1.2.1

Mago4 Service Pack 1.2.1 introduces improvements in any business sector, for several international localizations.

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With the new 1.2.1 service pack for Mago4, your ERP further improves in all business sectors and countries.

The main innovations of the last SP provide indeed specific functionalities for both the international market, and the Italian one.

First, then, let's talk about Electronic Invoicing, where Mago4 now manages references to the CIG code (identifying the tendering) up to 15 characters, as required by some public administrations, instead of up to 10 as in previous versions.

The news are also on the front of integration with Infinity Zucchetti: in Infinity CRM the functions of encoding Article for customer and Minimum Quantity Available for sale have been activated.

On the other hand, I.Mago offers improvements to the customization: the management of Infinity menu presents an entry point for each loaded customization and/or vertical solution. With I.Mago, also Infinity DMS documents can be displayed in an even more immediate way, thanks to the direct connection of the customer and supplier master data in Mago4 with the Document Management System in Infinity.

Coming to a more clearly international scenario, Mago4 has now the complete dictionaries in Bulgarian language, thus completing the linguistic localization process for all management areas; still in Bulgarian localization, the VAT registers have been modified to adapt them to the new rules, valid since 2016.

In addition, in Swiss and Hungarian (and also Italian) localization, Mago4 manages bank transfers to foreign banks that do not manage neither the IBAN code nor Bank, nor Branch codes, such as the US banks. Again for Hungary, thanks to Mago4 SP1.2.1 the print of Bank transfers’ XML file considers the payment orders and expresses amounts also in foreign currencies. Furthermore, new types of VAT registers have been introduced, sorted by code, with calculation of subtotal when changing the VAT code.

Mago4 SP1.2.1 presents its most interesting features in the localization dedicated to Brazil.

In Orders area, it is introduced the supplier quotation and purchase order charge, that provide the same charges present in the Fiscal Note document (including insurance, shipment and additional charges, so as already provided in the customer quotation and sale order).

With regard to Purchase, the SP 1.2.1, Makes you able to edit information related to Payment Schedules in the Fiscal Note for suppliers, even if already approved. During the import process it is now possible to specify cost center, cash and chart of accounts: in this way, the user can indicate directly in the procedure the information, that will be automatically listed in Payables and Receivables during the Fiscal Note generation.

In Sales and Purchase area, you can now enter additional information about the Article, a specific set of data of each individual supply, to be reported into Fiscal Notes. Furthermore, in the Article master data of Mago4, the FCI field was added (Ficha de Conteúdo Importação), where you can now enter the unique number, that is attributed at national level. Mago4 SP1.2.1 also manages the Fiscal Note for the export of goods.

The improvement in Payables and Receivables concerns the amendment in calculating of "our number" and free barcode by the Caixa Bank.

The news that we have just examined are really a lot, but they do not end there! Mago4 SP 1.2.1 includes many other improvements in all business areas; discover all product enhancements and upgrades into MyMago4 area, and download now the Service Pack for Mago4.

To perform the upgrade, please ask your reference Reseller, and remember: the download is available for those who have subscribed and maintained active the Live Update service (M.L.U.). If your M.L.U. has expired, no fear! You just need to contact the International Sales Department, to discover the convenience of being up-to-date.

SP2 Mago4 1.0

The migration kit from to Mago4 is available with the release of Mago4 1.0 SP 2

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The brand new SP 2 of your ERP Mago 4 1.0 contains a lot of improvements and news (more than 40), including the version for Brazil and Switzerland and improvements in all functional areas, with a focus on "hot" issues in Financials - Accounting area, such as integration with Zucchetti's Budget and Beyond (read the feature article published on our blog) and the Super Depreciation for new material goods set out by 2016 Italian Stability Law.

On Microarea website (, in Private Area, you can consult the special report about the details of all the Service Pack 2 improvements.

But the most outstanding element introduced by Mago4 SP 2 is definitely the availability of the Migration Kit, with which you can make the transition from your to the new Mago4 ERP.

The Migration Kit is in fact a technical module that allows you to complete the data migration process according to the procedures that your dealer will point. Do not miss this important update: download now SP 2 for Mago4 1.0!

To install the latest version of Mago4 we warmly recommend you to ask the support of your reference dealer: so you will be sure of a professional intervention and a total protection of your company data. You can download the update from the download center in Microarea website Private Area thanks to the MLU Live Update service: check your subsciption, or get in touch with the International Sales Department.


TaskBuilder Studio is the hub of Mago4's flexibility: it is the platform created to develop flexible and strong ERP and Business applications.

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Having analyzed the innovations of Mago4 in terms of interface, in this post we discover, beyond the technicalities, why Mago4 is modeled on your needs and ready to respond to all of your needs.

We speak of TaskBuilder Studio (for friends TBS), the component of the Mago4 suite able to make unique your own ERP Mago4 . You know how important it is the ability to develop customized applications: this is precisely what makes Mago4 able to adapt to your needs.

To meet the needs of customers or the market, the behavior of the standard features have often to be extended or modified. Thanks to TBS your reseller can develop the solutions that best fits your needs, targeted to the specific market sectors in which you are operating, or even applications designed to increase productivity in certain business areas.

TBS is the same development platform used to build Mago4, but it was not designed just for that: TBS allows developers to build vertical solutions integrated Mago4 or real stand-alone solutions. In this way different applications, provided by other manufacturers and addressed to various areas of the company, are placed in the same installation, and you have a coherent set of interfaces and behaviors, even if realized by third party manufacturers.

The developed applications are not rigid, but rather composed of modules that can be installed optionally, as it happens for the application modules of Mago4. Not only that: because TBS is an open platform (that uses standard languages and development environments), the developer is free to integrate other software components to enrich your customization, which is ready for the addition of third-party applications.

TaskBuilder Studio provides an extensive set of software components geared to ERP solutions: controls, forms, database management, radar, menus, reporting, setup, and so on. The integration with the framework (Task Builder Framework - TBF), which contains all the general instruments, such DMS, Security, Auditing, etc., allows you to interact with the application, using the Tools to navigate and search for data, manage rights of access to functions and data, track activities, etc.

All the orchestration between the components takes place using the Web Services, the communication interface used by the components of TaskBuilder Studio and the applications realized with it. The result? All functions and application components are accessible via Web services transparently. In addition, the TBS WebLook component allows you to have business applications that can operate in native mode on the web.

Another component of TBS is Reporting Studio, which is the tool that allows you to develop and put in your full disposal a sophisticated reporting system, send email reports in PDF format, rely on Google Maps and Skype links ... and much more. Furthermore, the applications built with TaskBuilder Studio are easy to localize, thanks to International Studio: the ultimate localization tool, capable of providing multicurrency, multilingual and multi-regulations support.

How do you install applications? It’s very simply: Setup Studio allows you to create installation packages in all similar to the distribution package of any Windows product, providing the reading at Run-Time, without the need for additional components to be installed.

Finally, thanks to TBS EasyStudio you can rely on the creation of real vertical for specific market sectors: the module easily and intuitively manages multiple needs within the personalization of Mago4.

There are many features of TBS that “cannot be seen", but that make the suite Mago4 an ERP solution complete and reliable, open and customizable. Here it is, at least in part unveiled, the heart of the operation and performance of Mago4 ERP.

Do you want to know more? If you are a user please ask your dealer, otherwise kindly leave your data and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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