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Another important acquisition in the horeca market confirms Zucchetti's strong and growing presence in the sector. The entry of Ericsoft in the group has in fact a key role.

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Ericsoft is a company active and growing throughout the country since 1995, which creates highly specialized technology solutions for hospitality and offers tools that simplify and optimize the management of hotels, accommodations and restaurants through complete and modular solutions, capable of bringing significant improvements in the performance of each company in the market. Ericsoft's flagship product is Suite 4°, an all-in-one software for hotels complete with all the tools needed to improve hotel management tout-court.

With over 5,000 customers, a total that increases by about 250 new software activations per year, and 85 employees, the acquisition of Ericsoft represents for Zucchetti another great opportunity for positioning and growth in the field of horeca, in which the group already boasts a total of 33 thousand customers throughout Italy and revenues that exceed 30 million euros.

This is why Zucchetti can support an increasingly large market with a unique offer, characterized by highly advanced technology and solutions suitable for all customers in the hospitality sector.

Zucchetti Smart Touch

An innovative self-ordering service developed by Zucchetti Smart Touch enriches the Vodafone cloud platform dedicated to professionals, SMEs and large companies.

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The Zucchetti Group continues to grow in the catering market: Zucchetti Smart Touch, a group company, has developed SmartTouch menu, a proximity self ordering system through which customers of bars, restaurants, pizzerias and so on can make their orders straight from the table, in a simple and intuitive way.

Vodafone has decided to include it in the new app store Vodafone Digital Marketplace: a cloud platform that provides professionals, SMEs, and large companies with a wide range of digital business solutions.

SmartTouch Menu is a system composed by a mobile app for Android and iOS and a cloud platform that allows HORECA, tourism and entertainment operators to make their customers order drinks, meals and services to via their smartphone even when they are located on site. All this represents a powerful tool to optimize work and real-time marketing, as it allows the operator to know customer tastes and habits, thus creating ad hoc promotions. On the other hand, the advantage for the user who chooses to activate SmartTouch Menu from Vodafone's marketplace is speed and full autonomy for the use of the service, since all processes have been automated directly within the platform.

Once again Zucchetti and the Group companies demonstrate a strong vocation to innovation, as confirmed by the recognition already obtained from the solution, awarded as "Innovation of the Year" at Barawards 2015.


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