Mago4 further improves the Electronic Invoicing process with a series of dedicated updates.

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The main topic of Mago4 2.4 service pack 2, is represented by the improvements designed for the Electronic Invoicing procedure, which provide for a continuous review of the program to keep up with the legislation. Let's see the main ones.

The new Passive Electronic Billing Maintenance procedure is designed to re-download those documents received on the Digital Hub that are not yet present on the Mago database, based on the relevant SDI Identification number. Furthermore, with Mago4 2.4.2, when importing the received documents you can now turn off the notification of download: giving up the notification document, in presence of a large number of documents to download, the download operation is speeded up. Another new in the documents received is the introduction of the SDI Identification field, that cannot be modified if the registration of the received document derives from the Passive E-Invoicing procedure.

To further simplify the posting, in the Passive E-Invoicing grid there is now a button to link an electronic invoice to an already entered accounting post; it is possible to select only the accounting documents received with the same supplier and document date as the selected electronic invoice. Moreover, if the total of the selected document does not correspond to that of the received electronic invoice, a warning message appears; obviously in case of errors it is possible to disconnect the document.

The subject of electronic invoicing remains current and is subject to continuous upgrades; on the dedicated page of the Mago4 product website you can find all the useful and updated information on Mago4 functionalities, procedures and modules, with the possibility of consulting the most requested topics and downloading the documentation available in pdf format.

Zucchetti DigitalHub

Process, manage and store your invoices with a click!

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Electronic Invoicing, Storage and Digital Signature: Digital Hub Zucchetti is the one-click service that has all the tools to completely eliminate paper from the billing process. Digital Hub Zucchetti is the fully online service that allows you to manage the entire billing process quickly and efficiently, allowing you to issue and receive electronic invoices, transmit them to the interchange system, electronically sign the invoices and store them digitally.

Thanks to the Digital Hub, in just a few clicks, you can transform a long and complex manual process into a simple and fast activity: you can send and receive invoices in electronic format to private individuals and public administrations, notify the Tax Authorities about VAT, dismissing the paper files and keeping invoices according to the law, also guaranteeing their authenticity and integrity, for statutory and tax.

Digital Hub is also perfectly integrated with the Zucchetti ERP software used in your company. In fact, thanks to the dialogue between Mago4 and Digital Hub, many features are available to properly prepare tax obligations and send them through the Hub itself. Zucchetti Digital Hub guarantees you more efficiency, because you reduce the time for sending and receiving of invoices, cut down the costs for the purchase of paper materials, eliminate transmission errors to the Tax Agency, while increasing the level of security in the management of imported documents.

Moreover, thanks to the exclusive features of the Digital Hub, you can issue electronic invoices even "on the move", directly from your smartphone with the Digital Hub App, send automatically to customers and suppliers the emails to communicate the identification code for the invoices, or directly redirect the electronic invoices received via certified mail.

Switch now to Digital Hub, and immediately achieve significant economic and logistical benefits, improve operational efficiency with an eye to the environment and responsible management of resources.

To find out more, read and download the dedicated brochure from the Zucchetti website.

Digital Communication 2017

Mago4 release 1.4  incorporates new guidelines for VAT Analytical Communication and provides integration with Zucchetti's services to meet this obligation.

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The continuous expansion and evolution of the digital communication system creates the need for an application that can be updated in a timely and targeted manner. For companies it is important that rapid change in digital communication practices is followed by specific upgrades, which do not necessarily require upgrading of all management software, often accompanied by vertical applications and features that require much less frequent upgrades.

On Friday, May 5, 2017, Mago4 (and updates were released, which include the new VAT Communication guidelines, along with the integration of the services provided by Zucchetti to comply with legal requirements.

The "Digital Hub" sending services are activated at the same time as the corresponding services of the Tax Agency, from Thursday 11 May; the first postings to the Agency will be on Monday May 15, but you can still proceed installing the upgraded versions.

As you know, the first posting - scheduled for May 31 - only concerns some information (Periodic VAT Settlement Communication), while other more detailed streams expire on September 18th.

Everything suggests that in the future, the "Italian Digital Agenda" will progressively increase the number of this kind of communication: to allow more flexible management of updates, the new Mago release introduces an important innovation on a strictly technical level, that provides a standalone component dedicated to the issues related to VAT data Communication and Electronic Invoicing (ie the "Digital Communications") functionalities.

From the point of view of licensing, installation, and upgrade, nothing changes and the procedure remains totally transparent, offering you a great advantage: you can benefit from the release of any updates  for the "Digital Communications" purpose with no need to update the entire ERP and consequently align your customizations and verticals. That is not bad, isn't it?!

You will have more details on the subject by reading on this blog the in-depth, forthcoming publication, dedicated to the 1.4 release of Mago; in the meantime, we recommend that you contact your reference reseller for any information.

Mago4 fatel PA e B2B

Mago4 is already aligned with the latest italian law changes regarding electronic invoicing.

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From March 24, 2017, some changes have been made by the Revenue Agency, regarding the Public Administration and B2B Invoicing.

The first change saw the refinement of a control over the Interchange System, with the aim to take account of cases in which the invoice file shows discrepancy between the value indicated in the transmission format and the tax code of the transferee / buyer.

As regards the control of the calculation of tax, the time limit previously set for May 31, 2017 was eliminated: it remains in effect the tolerance of one euro cent to allow the calculation of taxable and tax starting from the amount of a tax receipt.

If the tax regimen RF03 (new production initiatives, Article 13 of Italian Law 388 / 2000) is considered in the invoices, a newly introduced control causes them to be discarded by the system. This is because this facilitated regimen has been repealed by the Stability Law 2015 (Law No. 1902 of 23/12/2014).

In addition, the description of the nature "N5 - limit regimen / VAT not shown on the invoice" has been adjusted according to what is stated in Revenue Agency 2017 Circular no. 1.

Mago4 is lined up! Your ERP is ready to meet the new regulations, as it already includes a number of tests that allow you to anticipate the controls of Interchange System version 1.2.1, as described in the latest Checklist (Version 1.5).

If you have activated the link between Mago4 and the Zucchetti Online and / or On-site e-invoincing services towards privateor to public administrations, you can immediately benefit of the adjustments made by the Revenue Agency.

Discover everything you need to know about PA and B2B e-invoicing on the dedicated portal.

e-invoicing website

It's on line the new Zucchetti website dedicated to electronic invoicing

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Electronic invoicing is not only an obligation: e-invoicing represents an opportunity to save up to 80% on the billing process.

The most immediate and direct positive effect of e-invoicing is certainly linked to the streamlining of the procedure: companies increase their efficiency, accountants and trade associations can provide a service to customers. Remember that, while electronic invoicing to the Public Administrations is obligatory, in Italy the e-invoicing between private is encouraged through tax benefits introduced by the recent Decrees.

Relying on an experienced technology partner is crucial: this is why thousands of companies and professionals rely on Zucchetti to electronically manage the billing flow. Zucchetti's Electronic Invoicing software helps you to automate the entire process, from creation to digital conservation.

To help you choose the solution most suitable for your business between the different options, Zucchetti has recently published a website completely dedicated to electronic invoicing.

Please access to find updated information material such as brochures and white papers, explore the possibilities of integration, the benefits and the different types of services on which to rely on.

Visit .

Einvoicing 2016

1 August 2016: new tests will be performed on files sent; starting from 2017 B2B e-invoicing will be encouraged.

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Even the electronic invoicing procedures evolve and flow format to be sent is progressively refined according to the criticalities emerging between PA and suppliers.

This is why starting from 05.09.2016 is in force the release 1.2 of the checks carried out on files sent to the Interchange System (whose specifications are available on the government website dedicated to the invoicing PA).

This version will be fully phased from August 1 and introduces a series of checks on the data present in the file transmitted to the Interchange System. To allow the necessary compliance with the new system of checks, up to July 31, 2016 the failure to pass one or more of such new inspections do not result in the rejection of the file, but only a report that will be reported in the delivery receipt or non-delivery notification. Since August 1, 2016 files that do not pass one or more of these controls will be discarded.

The new regime will carry out a series of additional controls, including, in particular, the integrity test - to ensure the document was not altered after the signature - the verification of authenticity of the signature certificate, based on information provided by the "Certification Authorities", the check of conformity of the invoice format. Furthermore, it will be also controlled the validity of the content of the bill, to detect the presence of the necessary data for the proper forward of the document to the addressee and to prevent situations of incorrect and / or non-processable data, the uniqueness of the invoice, in order to intercept an accidental re - sending, dimensions and nomenclature of the file.

In Mago are set up special tests on various types of cases reported by the Tax Agency. The outcome of audits confirmed that your ERP is already aligned to the new rules because it is able - via the E-Invoicing Module of Mago, connected to Fatel and Fatel WEB Zucchetti solutions -, to manage the necessary control, thus complying with the latest version of the controls required to bill the PA.

That's not all: there is another issue to be considered carefully, which will be a "hot" topic in the coming months in the B2B field. We are talking about the Electronic Invoice between enterprises, another step towards the digitalization of the country. The Decree on B2B Electronic Invoicing provides, with effect from 1 January 2017 and on a voluntary basis, the electronic transmission of data to the Tax Agency of all invoices issued and received.

The adoption of electronic invoicing in the relationships between enterprises, alongside the one, already mandatory, for the PA, will not be formally compulsory, but will be strongly encouraged. Those who choose to make use of electronic invoicing between private, in fact, should be facilitated in the electronic transmission and could combine commercial and fiscal notice. For them would be abolished formalities such as tax communication and the reporting of operations with Black List countries and the INTRA models related to purchases of goods and services, expensive and unwelcome obligations that burden on the operations of enterprises. The taxpayer, then, would get faster VAT refunds.

Being up to date is easy: you simply have to rely on tools specifically designed to generate electronic invoices in a few steps, right from your Mago ERP software . Thanks to the connection with the E-invoicing services by Zucchetti, you can always rely on an efficient and updated resource.


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