23 January 2017


Zucchetti best of 2016

Back over the past year through the results produced: new solutions, new achievements, new goals.

Edited by Marketing Department

Beginning of the year it is normal to make an assessment for the 12 months just passed. For Zucchetti Group this means great satisfaction: even in 2016 the Zucchetti Group has achieved important results and confirmed its leadership in the IT world.

Once again Zucchetti is in fact the first Italian softwarehouse in Europe, and this remarkable record is added to an important recognition on the social level: in December Zucchetti was in fact awarded the "Health Promoting Workplace" by the Lombardy Region and the Agency for the Protection of Health of the Metropolitan City of Milan. Additionally, in 2016 were more than 200 new employees in Zucchetti, a fact that drives up the total employees to more than 3,300 units.

Among the main achievements of 2016, definitely is to be quoted the goal achieved in the football championship of the Pro League! In fact, the Italian Professional Football League has chosen Zucchetti technology to manage the fan passes and related security requirements.

Do not forget that earlier this year the Zucchetti Group has been awarded Best Vendor for Management-ERP solutions for SMEs. Precisely, Microarea has received the prestigious "Italian Channel Awards 2015", created by the editors of ChannelCity to reward excellence in the IT world.

Even ZTravel solution (the software that allows you to streamline the whole of business trips and expense management process) has received a major award. Thanks to its own Mobile functionality, ZTravel has indeed won the IMA-Italian Mission Awards 2016 - the first Italian award in the business travel world - as the best mobile solution for business travelers.

And that's not all: the year 2016 has seen the birth and growth of many new Zucchetti solutions, with software and hardware dedicated to welfare, e-commerce, fleet management, business management, Analytics, HR, payroll, human resources, retail, access control and record, mobile payments and more.

Furthermore, the Group has been able to open new business and forge international partnerships, with the aim of growing in fields like corporate welfare, automotive, catering, 3D printing, security systems and business management.

The ranking "Best of Zucchetti 2016" is really extended: to learn about the many successes achieved in 2016 you can view - and share - the video prepared for the event!

25 January 2016


Best of 2015 Zucchetti video

It is now online a video realized by Zucchetti to celebrate all the important results achieved in 2015.

Edited by Marketing Department

2015 was a year of great and important achievements for Zucchetti.

In order to share these results a short video summary of the past year has been published on the Zucchetti Youtube channel: in less than 3 minutes you'll have a full overview of 365 days of success.

The video, titled Best Of 2015, summarizes all the new products, new companies of the group and Zucchetti's numbers of success, along with the main prizes and awards. And no lack of thanks to all those who made it possible to achieve major goals.

Discover all the news of Zucchetti in the year just finished ... and prepare for the news in 2016!

21 December 2015


Best of 2015

A 2015 made of success and acknowledgments: we assess the year now ending.

Edited by Marketing Department

2015 was a year of great satisfaction for Zucchetti, being once again the first Italian softwarehouse in Europe.

With new solutions (among which we must mention the ERP Mago4!), national and international awards and acknowledgments, increased hardware acceleration, new businesses and markets, Zucchetti has lived an entire year of success!

To get a global glance of all the results achieved in the year now ending, an infographic is ready to summarize the Best of 2015. You can see the graphic here, so you can start to explore all the goals achieved in 2015.

Find out all the successes of Zucchetti's year 2015 and ... follow us to learn about those of 2016!


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